(vintage faux fur hat, vintage fringe sweater cape,  ModCloth Salt Lake Pretty dress AA sheer nylons courtesy of American Apparel, DIY teddy bear head plushie bag, DIY leopard F21 platform booties, vintage chain belt, vintage cross necklace and vintage bangles
Is it just me or is everybody over Winter and ready for Spring? Everything I've been buying lately is has been for Spring. I can't believe Texas is going to have another cold front this weekend!! Like seriously I am sooooooo OVER IT!! I'm DYING to show a little skin, geez!
Anywho wish I had more time to ramble on and on but today is my only day off and I'm off to do pictures! Thank you guys for hanging in there while I go through some minor changes. I seriously love you all and wish I could meet each and everyone of you personally. You guys say the nicest things that help me make it through to the next post! 

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