(everything thrifted from head to toe...haha I think everything's DIYed too!!)
DIY ribcage slasher americano sweater, DIY destroyed denim shorties, DIY faux fur hat, vintage oversized coin necklace, vintage B&W tennis shoe booties and B.E. rings
Lately my brain has been flooded with tons of crazy DIYs. From clothes to shoes to hats to bags, I just can't stop! I already consider myself borderline crazy so adding the creations that erupt from my's like in I'm in a world of PURE JOY when they come to life!! 
My latest goal is to destroy EVERYTHING!! I love my own ribcage and my body so I wanted to make an effect that accentuate that. I started on the sides first and worked my way around to the back. I'm hoping I get a video camera for Xmas so I can share my DIYs with you. I know it's kind of hard to explain even with pictures. I'm working on it, FINGERS CROSSED!!
But if everything goes right and I get to go thrifting for the next 2 week maybe I'll add some to the shop!! I definately need to blow the dust of the merch and spruce things up again. I've mastered shredding tees so I could probably do 5 a day and maybe 2 sweaters...IDK, we'll see! Cause I'm like the busiest person in the world or at least it seems that way! I've always been an overachiever though, lol!!
Anywho before I run off a the mouth too much, just keep an eye I out on the store cause I'm going to update it soon, YAAAAY! And I'm so backed up on my outfit post that I may start blogging everyday, so VintageVirgin is going daily hehe!!
Much love from ya girl,

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