The Blogger Interviews #4

Raych from That's Chic

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1) What was your favorite outfit as a kid?
Gosh, I was a rather dorky kid – in fact, I still am. I can’t say I’m proud of the fashion choices I made prior to 2004, but I can say that glittery jeans and florals made common appearances – I’m a 90s kid!

2) What inspires you?
I never find an easy way to answer this because I draw inspiration from everything around me. I probably would have to say that the clothing itself inspires me. When I see a piece that I am magnetically drawn to, I just get this euphoric glee to see how many different ways I can wear that one piece.

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3) Which blogger would you like to trade wardrobes with for a day?
I would have to say Judy Aldridge. Jane has a pretty sick closet, but her mom helped her get there! I can’t imagine the bundles of amazzzzzzing vintage Judy has collected over her years of travel. To even get a jist of it boggles my mind. Luxirare is pretty high up there. To own one of her hand-made delicates would make my year.

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(judy aldridge)

4) What’s the best advice anyones ever given you?

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

5) What piece of clothing would you save if your house was on fire and why?

This is a toughie, but I’d probably save my Harputs Market swacket. I (1) spent too much money on it, (2) it’s like 10 outfits in one.

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6) Name 3 of your favorite smells?
Wet asphalt, boys' clothes, and apple cinnamon.

7) What’s your favorite collection of all time?
I have always been a fan of Alexander McQueen's eccentricity especially back early 2000. I think the house of Chloé will always have a special place in my heart. When Chloe was following Paulo's vision, that was definitely my favorite Chloe era (still can't dismiss Phoebe's work making Chloe the iconic brand it is today) . Just loved his modern twist on things, plus he had the best shoes.

8) If you were having dinner with 3 people dead or alive, who would it be and what would you eat?

Martin Margiela. Lady Gaga. Plato. We will have a wonderful picnic with finger-sandwiches cut into shapes of a shark with smoked salmon.

9) What movie always makes you cry?
Artificial Intelligence. Something about that movie hits a sweet spot.

10) What other hobbies do you have besides blogging?

Can't think of any at the top of my head - I'm definitely a closet geek. I think I do enough gaming to consider it a hobby. I do love scouring random cities with my boyfriend for sweet shopping spots and eateries.

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11) What are some of your best shopping tips?
Don't buy something just because you have the money. Wait till you find something you genuinely love (and not because it's trendy), and by that time, you can afford it!

12) What’s one thing you haven’t done that you would like to do before you die?

Sneak into Bryant Park tents. Get shot by a renowned street photographer. Watch Dirty Dancing. Skydive. Own a shiba inu.

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