(everything thrifted from head to toe)
 vintage plaid faux fur maxi coat, vintage caped dog ladies dress, vintage crochet slouch bag, vintage henna hand necklace, We Love Colors thigh highs in rust, DIY lace headwrap, DIY platform booties, vintage tortoise shell sunnies, vintage bangles/watch and B.E. rings
Ummmmmmm this weather is beyond confusing. I wore a F-ING tank top today while biking for Satan sakes!  But the day before I was able to wear this and freezing. Make up your mind!! I'm going to be sick as a dog if it keeps switching up on me like that, COLD HOT cold hot, AAAAAHHHHHH! I'm so pissed I could slap a cow right now, hehe, jk jk!
Anywho, I've had my "Almost Famous" coat and crazy dog ladies dress for like a million years. I never knew they would make great friends one day! The lace headwrap was a given and my DIY booties were screaming to be in on it. I actually tripped over the perfect purse walking out the door to go shoot. Overall, LOVE!! This outfit screams VIRGIN!! Vintage and prints are my thing! I'll never shy away from prints, they're like my besties, NO WAY!! 
Now you may wonder why I ALWAYS thank my readers?? I feel as a blogger they are the most important people to you in the bloggerverse. It doesn't matter if you have the coolest s**t known to man. If they can't relate to you why bother! I'm a normal person just like everyone else and I just want you to feel the love I receive from you guys EVERYDAY!
Kisses bitches,

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