(gifts from my hubbie, Joel)
Urban 1972 tunic dress, Zara khaki skinnies, Forever 21 wooden plaform clog sandals, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage oversized cross necklace, vintage customized fringe crochet bag, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
I know what a SHOCKER I'm wearing new clothes?? Well since I've started my blog my hubbie Joel seems to be very interesting in buying me new stuff. He knows I'm a whore to the vintage and will never break me! But he still tries...which is no problem with me. It's okay to dabble into different styles. That's what I'm all about. I like to dress how I feel and make anything look like something! I like that you can scroll through my blog and not see me in the same shit over and over. I like to go cra cra and mix it up...IT'S FASHION! 
(Woah that was corny as fudge...that's what blogging at 10 in the morning does to ya!!)
Sooooo let's take a moment of silence for the motherfucker who stole my bike! If I see you I may be little but I'm going to get you SCUMBAG!! Wooooooo, BREATHE! The bastard stole my bike from the side of my house during the daytime. I was livid!! No worries I'm getting a new one from Wal Mart. It was only 80 bucks so boooooo on them!!
Well I gotta go loves but I just wanna thank all the newbies! You guys seriously came outta nowhere. I'm just happy to have you!
R.I.P Bikey I'm going to miss you! We had some good rides dude!

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