laced leather BADASS...

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage leather motorcycle jacket, vintage off white sheer lace dress, vintage white tutu slipdress, DIY turban wrap, vintage bangles, blak Nine West lace up booties, vintage cross necklace, vintage pearls and black and white socks
My favorite thrift store had 50% off coupons in the mail so I had to take advantage. Found this leather jacket for $11 but wait it's 50% off. I got if for only $5.50!! I love a good buy, what can I say!! I needed a new leather jacket anyway since all my old ones have fringe on them. I'm so into the leather and lace so I immediately paired it with this angel sleeve lace dress. It was sheer so I added my white tutu slipdress. It makes any dress go POW! Went and did some shots in my creepy backyard behind my studio! Enjoy!
Gotta give thanks to my new blog friends. I love all your comments and I'm working on answering a few questions too! Check back soon cause you don't wanna miss out now that the sun's out again! 
xoxo Virgin

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