(everything thrifted except F21 clogs)
vintage floral halter maxi dress, vintage crochet bag with customized fringe, DIY turban headwrap, Forever 21 platform wooden clog sandals, vintage fringe floral capelet, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
My outfit may be simple but there's a lot going on. From the crochet cut out floral halter neckline, the print, the flowing fringe on the bag, crochet turban, platform wooden clogs and bangles for that jangle jangle!
Now me and the dress go way back! I got it years ago at Wasteland in San Francisco on one of my lovely trip to visit my girl, Darine. (Who now lives in New York, JEALOUS!!) It was love at first site and was made to fit me! So I snagged it and we went on to live happily ever after!! THE END!! Yeah me and this dress will never part.
Anywho, I had an AWESOME birthday, even though the first 6 hours were spent car shopping. SNOOZE FEST!! But we decided on a VW Golf, yay. Then instead of sushi we went out for crawfish AGAIN!! I could seriously eat crawfish 3 times a week or if it's put in my face. I can't resist, I'm coo coo for crawfish!! Hahaha! Now were about to do part 2 of my b-day and Joel's taking me thrifting at some of my favorite places. I have a $200 budget, SWEET!! 
Love you all as always and I'm just happy to have you here for me! 

Oh yeah I forgot to mention my last post and this one, the photos were taken by Ephraim. 
(I get 50 mommy points deducted for that one, hahaha!)
You can actually see his shadow in the 5th shot!

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