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everything thrifted from head to toe expect Urban 1972 romper)
vintage basic black blazer, Urban 1972 floral ruffle romper, vintage felt Smokey the Bear hat, grey sweater socks, vintage leather shoulder backpack bag, Zara suede wedge booties, wayfarer sunnies, vintage cross necklaces and B.E. rings
So you know me, I'm a whore to the romper. I've been it's bitch for YEARS!! So when I got this one from Urban 1972, the planets aligned and I'm pretty sure Jesus walked the earth that day cause a floral corset ruffle romper is what I've been waiting for! I don't know where you've been all my life but I'm glad you found me, hehe.
I don't know how to say it other than it's F-ING FREEZING outside!! The cold weather makes my bones hurt. Last week it was borderline pool time now it time to throw on your good coat, brrrrrrrrrrr! Living in TX you're half naked till December so it's always a shocker when the winter weather sticks around for weeks at a time. So I'm going to jump the gun by saying (in my most whiney baby voice) "I'm ready for Spring!"
 Thank you sooooo much for showing me love!! Sometimes I feel like I'm the most nonchalant blogger around, like I just don't care. I'm just really really humble to all this craziness! I'm just not one to brag but I am truly thankful and happy with my chose to start a blog in the first place. It has become my personal outlet for talking about clothes/life when no one's listening. You guys really are my smile on a sad day!! Can you believe my 1 yr Anniversary is coming up??? WOAH....

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