thrifted red skinnies, indiegoespop cross button and WHOA BLACK BETTY tee shredded and customized by me, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage fringe capelet shawl, LuLu's triple stacked wedge booties with customized studs by me, vintage chain belt, vintage leather backpack purse, vintage oversized cross necklace, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
So today's my birthday and I'm probably old enough to be your Mom's younger sister, hahaha! I never really celebrate since my evil stepbrother St. Patrick's Day ruins it for me every year. He makes EVERYONE too hungover to come out the next day. So my birthday is whateves to me. I'm pretty much just going to have a nice dinner with the boys...SUSHI, maybe?? I'm just happy I look 12! Which is a gift and curse btw. With my blog it's totally okay since I look extremely young but in real life people think I'm Ephraim's older sister! I hate when they ask if I could bring my Mom in for a parent teacher conference! Like WTF, I am his Mom! You should see their faces when I tell them that, hahaha! COMICAL!! 
It's been a looooong week! I no longer have a job, THANK SATAN! I just could not deal with the immature bullshit that came with my simple job. You would think working with women in their 30s and 40s would be an easy job but these old bitches are set in their ways and love to keep shit stirred up! I just wanted to work and go home but they insisted on trying to include me in their reindeer games. Ummmmmm NO THANK YOU! I LOVE being a stay-at-home Mom anyways. Now I can be up my child's ass 24/7! YAYS, lol!
I just want to thank all my readers for hanging in there and spreading the word. Now that I'm jobless I definitely will be updating more and getting back to the basic everyday blogging. Which means I can finally focus on the reopening of my store. I know I've said that like a 1000 times but I really mean it this time! I have way too much shit and I need to get rid of a lot of it before June. Since Joel and I are looking for a house. Yikes, so help a sister out and buy my shit please!!
Love you all,

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