(everything thrifted from head to toe except watch and rings)
vintage DIY skinny leopard pants, white slouchy tee, vintage nautical cardigan, Modern Vintage booties, vintage snakeskin clutch purse and vintage crosses necklace/bangles
I've been super busy lately trying to get my store up and running again, YAY! I hope you're excited as I am?? I'm pushing for next weekend but I'm one woman show! I do EVERYTHING myself (pics, editing, styling, being a mom, etc,etc...) I wish I had a photographer boyfriend or friends without lives but I don't so hang in there with me! Got some goodies coming!
Anywho found these lovely pants but unfortunately the were this weird bootcut. So I just had to make them skinny and perfect for ME! Lone Star's my favorite beer so it had to make a cameo! Found a snakeskin clutch in my mounds of crap and added a fleur-de-lis and gold chain handle to it. Received a shitload of jewelry from girl, Chanta! THANK YOU! I like it chunky! Boots I found at Buffalo Exchange, wish I love! And this nautical cardigan I've had FOREVER! So old with new make an AWESOME combo!
Just wanted to let you know I read all your comments and check out all you guys blogs! I really want to answer your questions. So here,s your chance to ask me anything and I'll do a special post of Q&A! Also on top of selling clothes I'm coming up with a monthly FREE GIVEAWAY! So stay tuned and tell your friends cause I would dare sell or giveaway crap!
xoxo Virgin

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