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When I spotted this dress on the Ramona West Vintage website, I knew I had to have it! And I'm so happy I got it! The ivory lace is so beautiful and I love the structured shoulders. Vintage with a modern twist. It reminds me of an old wedding dress that was slashed at the hem, to make a cute mini dress. It's both casual and dressy. I like that it can go both ways. But the little details, like the buttons on the sleeves are what I love most! And once again, sporting my Forever 21 cross necklace! I love it so much :) I recently bought one of those Forever 21 cross double-connected rings. They are so fun that you kind of forget that you can't really use two fingers lol!

But as for exciting news, the Virgin Mobile commercial shoot was so dope! It was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who also recently directed the Lady Gaga "Telephone" music video. The whole scene was: I was lying down getting a huge tattoo across my back, wearing crazy studded leather pants and studded wedges, all while chatting on my mobile phone to a friend. At the same time, my tattoo artist wasn't even paying attention to his work and was texting. Therefore, I got a completely messed up tattoo. It is super funny, despite my poor description lol! It was such a new experience for me. We had to do different takes so that the camera gets every angle, (my face, the phone, etc). So much work and so many people involved! It was tiring but I had a total blast. Definitely an eye-opening experience! :)

Now I look forward to just chilling with friends this weekend and catching up on sleep! I didn't get home until 2am yesterday... after getting pulled over by a cop b/c one of my headlights went out. Scarrryyyyyyy! But no ticket thank goodness!

Here are a few photographs that I found saved to my computer. I love the relaxed, sleepy vibe. Exactly how I feel right now...

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Sukie Joe | March 27, 2017 at 11:52 PM

It would be a total waste if I buy something expensive and only wear it for a few times.So,after reading your article. I finally made my decision with a short mini dress.

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