Black Shearling

(Spotted Moth jacket, Urban Outfitters top, Zara leather pants, Free People bralette, Vintage bag, Banana Republic Boots, Stylesofia ring)

I have no idea why I am up at this time, on a Friday! Worked late at Juicy last night and didn't hit the sack until after 1, which is actually late pretty late for me. I like my sleep. So I'm currently waiting for the coffee to brew, and blogging in the mean time, all while looking like a completely sleep deprived mess. I'm trying very hard not to think of all that needs to be done this weekend! I've got exams to prepare for and shoots going on all next week. Eeepers! (Please don't hate me professors for constantly rescheduling exams!)

Anyways, back to the outfit. It's been sooo chilly and windy this week. This past month it has gone from really hot to pretty cold in a matter of days. But worst of all, it is FREEZING in my house. Trying to stay warm with a bunch of layers. At the moment, I love shearling jackets, especially this one by Spotted Moth. They aren't big or bulky and still keep you relatively warm. Same goes with my leather pants. I know they look scary and uncomfortable, but these are really easy to move in and made of incredibly soft leather. One pair is more than enough and I don't think I'll be investing in another anytime soon! This look is pretty much a mix of tough, rough around the edges, pieces with a pretty floral top. Just the way I like it.

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