Cool and Crisp

(Vintage coat and plaid shirt, Urban sweater, Zara leather pants, Bally bag, Banana Republic shoes)

These next 2 weeks are going to be intense! Final exams as well as shoots are coming up! Juggling both has kept me so busy. I find myself spending every spare minute in the library or at my desk, getting all of my last minute work done. I am so ready for the holiday fun to start! My family and I are already planning our holiday vacation and I can hardly wait! We're thinking a snowy getaway! It'll be freezing, but absolutely beautiful.

Here I am wearing a very simple, casual outfit that is perfect for this time of year. It is so chilly in the mornings that I simply layer a plaid button-up blouse under a cable knit sweater along with a great pair of skinny pants. I opted for leather today. They are extra thick n cozy! Before leaving the house, I make sure to grab this classic black coat. It's vintage, made of 100% Italian wool, and is a great layering piece to keep me warm throughout the day. It's so chic and has the ability to make any outfit I have on look more pulled together.

Gaah, I want it to be holiday break already!! Tons of work to do till then. I'll keep you posted chickadees!

Btw, the winner to my $50 Threadsence giveaway is the lovely Kathleen of the blog Inspirafashion, coming from Berkeley, CA! Congrats girl! Happy shopping!!

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